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Charactors Testimonials

The Teen Musical Theatre program has exceeded our expectations! I wish we had found CharActors sooner.  It’s beyond a space for youth to develop their acting, singing and dancing talents - it’s a space for youth to connect (with eye contact!), build confidence, and practice key life skills, like time management and accountability to others. Megan, Wayne and Sharon create a warm, fun and energetic environment that culminates in a high quality performance.  They passionately support their students in reaching and expanding their full potential.  My teen daughter joined the program without prior dancing or acting experience.  We were delighted to see how well she was able to combine her new skills with her singing abilities in such a short time.  The performance blew us (family and friends too!) away.  It’s no surprise students have continued on with CharActors for years (even a decade!).  I highly recommend CharActors!  

C.F. - Parent 

"On this occasion, when [my daughter] is actually graduating Charactors after being here since grade 5, I had to, and I need to say a few words from the bottom of my heart to Megan, Wayne and Sid. Charactors has been a real lifesaver for [her] and it’s actually been her second home. And when I say home I don’t say it lightly. Charactors has been her happy place, even in hard times at school or at home. It is a place where she feels safe to be her true self. A place where she is challenged and can thrive. A place that really sees her and appreciates her. A place that taught her to be hard-working, that taught her discipline. A place that motivated her to do her best. A place that built her self confidence and encourages her to be a leader. A place that made her proud of her achievements. A place that made her proud of who she is. A place that has a big part of the young woman she is today.

I wish Charactors a lot of success in the future. I know the pandemic has been rough and still is. But I cannot imagine a world without Charactors. Without a wonderful home for these kinds of children that the performing arts and the musical world are in their DNA.

Thank you Megan, Wayne and Sid for your professionalism, dedication and your love for the preforming arts and for our kids.

Thank you!"

S.H. - Parent

"I was lucky enough to spend 10 years as a student at CharActors and I can honestly say it transformed my life. CharActors goes above and beyond just teaching students how to sing, dance and act (though they do a heck of a job at that). CharActors and its incredible team help instil confidence for any child to be whoever they want to be. I met some of my best friends and role models at CharActors, people I know will be around for a lifetime!"


M.P. - CharActors Alumni

"Some of my most special childhood memories are of my time at CharActors. I always felt completely myself at rehearsal. Megan and Wayne created a safe working environment where we could all create freely, try things, explore our characters, and express ourselves. They always treated us and our art like it mattered. I credit my many years at CharActors for informing my decision to pursue a career in the arts and whenever I go back there now, it still feels like home. "


P.B. - CharActors Alumni

"OK, so here it goes...In my 43.75 years, I have never seen such a well polished group of talented teens perform what they performed tonight! We were literally blown away by the entire show and cast (and especially a few gems destined for long careers). I felt like I knew these characters, each having a story, each telling it so well that I forgot I was sitting at The City Playhouse and not The Royal Alex. I have no more words but DAMN that was entertaining and DAMN you guys do an awesome job preparing these "kids" for such a challenging task! Thank you for all you do and we look forward to the next show."

C.K. - Parent

"I wanted to tell you what a GREAT performance you put on this year.  We thoroughly enjoyed it and [our daughter] loved being part of it.  We really feel that she got a great taste of being part of a theatre group and she found it really exciting.  Thanks for all that you do to motivate and inspire the kids that you teach!"

L.K. - Parent

"I just wanted to express to you my thankfulness for your talents,  caring and excellent hard work.

I always thought that success in life was health a career and money .... But as the years have passed I have seriously revised my outlook on life. Success is the outcome of passion, hard work and having fun in whatever you choose to do.

Both you Megan, and Wayne are excellent teachers (Sharon too). I am grateful to you guys for having instilled passion and drive for something you want into my daughter. She speaks of you guys often, ALWAYS in a positive way. But when I ask her what she loves about the program - she says she has FUN! To me, that's what being a kid and living is about - enjoying your life and having fun.

Thank you for creating a venue and environment that instills this much happiness in her life.

All the best and thank you for a job well done (I know the kids were fantastic) but your hard work and dedication to producing and extracting the best from them is much appreciated."

J.B. - Parent

"I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the performance . The production itself was so professional, the kids were amazing, and most importantly to me, [my son] came out of the theatre with a happiness and level of confidence I have never seen him have before. Thank you so much for this amazing program!! "

J.K. - Parent

"I was so impressed with the kids’ show the other day — you and Wayne and the team do such an amazing job with them and they have such fun at the same time.  Not a lot of people can get such a high level of work out of the kids and make it so much fun too.  CharActors is both my kids’ happy place!"

L.S. - Parent

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